Oppo N3 Specs


It is just me or does all of the new phones look alike?  Is this an Apple or Samsung? 


Word Fact: It’s Versus Its by Dictionary.com

Word Fact: It’s Versus Its http://blog.dictionary.com/its-and-its/ at Dictionary.com

Today, starts my 31 days of blogging.  I choose a topic that I need years of study, practice and practice over and over again to understand the english language.   Today’s topic from Dictionary.com proves my assumptions that the only way to understand the english language is to practice trying to understand the english language.

This method cannot be used alone without studying different resources like a basic grammar book, reading other works such as literature, technical and non-technical material, magazines, leaflets, the Bible, and any other resource you can find. 

Take college courses, join sites like Udemy,